¡Estamos Aquí!

Hellooooo from Patagonia!

We’ve been here for about a week now, and we’ve already spent time in both Chile and Argentina.


As I write this, we are on a bus from El Chalten to Los Antiguos, in Argentina. The sky is cloudy and the fields are a rusty brown with splashes of green from windswept and scraggly looking bushes. The mountains look blue from a distance and the color contrast is really beautiful. Every so often, we pass by a glacial lake with water that gives off an almost effervescent shade of turquoise blue. As we departed El Chalten, we could see Mount Fitz Roy shooting up into the clouds, slowly fading into the background as we headed north.

I thought I’d write a lot while we are here, because we are spending a fair amount of time on buses moving between small Patagonian towns and hiking/backpacking locations. Buttttt, I’ve not been writing at all.

The reason why?

I just described it above.

I can’t stop staring out the window!

We are here to connect with nature, to enjoy this beautiful landscape, to connect with new people and to be together in a totally new, FREE way.

So, in quite a big shift of spirit- I’ve made a decision that I’m not going to blog OR post on Instagram while we are here.

What better way to connect than to do a total digital detox?

I want to spend my time on these long bus rides gazing out the window and listening to soft music. I want to spend my time at the end of a hiking day free flow writing in my journal – no structure whatsoever … or just laying down on the Earth and staring up at the trees, mountains and sky.

This is the pure intention of my time here, and deciding to peace out of the online world for a bit feels completely right.

Cheers for going with the flow and honoring the feeling to just … do what I want.


We should all do that more. 🙂

So, no blogs or other posts while we are here.

That said – I do intend to write about this all when we return home! It’s been amazing so far, and I know it will only continue to get better. My intention is to write a series of blog posts later on, with reflections and stories from our experiences. In adding the element of solitude from the crazy world of the Internet that we all spend so much time with, I am looking forward to seeing what I learn. (And I already have some amazing pictures to share!)

Until we return — big love from Patagonia, Merry Christmas, happy New Year — all the things.

With that, I’ll connect with you all in 2020!


xx. Katie