The World Citizen Project

Hello Everyone!

Well, the cat is out of the bag!  (…Weirdest saying ever.)

Friends and family now know the news,  so it’s time to formalize this thing!

Luke and I are headed abroad this fall on a shared inspiration to explore living this life from a different perspective.  We are going to spend time volunteering with children and communities in need, living more simply, diving into new cultures and spending extended time in the wild through some long term backpacking.

I’ve decided to record my experiences and share them via this blog.  I’m calling this series of posts “The World Citizen Project.”


What does it mean to be of service in this world?

How can we contribute, and how do we grow in exchange?

What do we experience when we step outside of our comfort zone and say YES to the things that call to us?


We have a few months to explore these questions.


Our destinations are Africa and South America.

This project will be posted in two sections: 

Part One – Africa

Part Two- South America

I’ll also share some Personal Reflections on our personal growth throughout this journey.

The posts I share are going to be a lot less formal and formatted than the posts I’ve shared in the past.   I’ll share everything from happy little experiences connecting with new people abroad, honest insights on those travel worn moments in airports/bus stations/train stations/etc, stories from our time working on our volunteer project and whatever else inspires us.  I’ll be real and share the lows as well as the highs.  I’m sure we’ll have a lot of both!


I have absolutely no idea how these experiences will shape me.  Traveling changes us, whether we go for a week or we go for a year.  I’ve experienced this shift time and time again.  But this project will offer something totally different that I can’t even begin to predict.  I just know I want to do it.

We are each here for unique reasons.  I feel like this is one of mine.


It’s been many years of focused budgeting, paying down debt, staying home on the weekends and budget traveling — all working toward this crazy pipe dream.

I’ve left my job.  Luke has made special arrangements with his.

We’ve arranged care for our sweet cat (who I will miss SO MUCH) and for friends to be in our home.

There has been zero guarantee that we would ever even arrive here. But…here we are.  I’m face to face with the reality that manifestation WORKS when we continuously and adamantly focus on a goal.

We are ready.

(I feel like I’ve been ready for a few years now!)

I’m excited to share our journey and hope it inspires you to step out into the world and manifest your own dream, whatever it may be.

Adventure is just beginning, friends.

The countdown to departure is starting!

xx Katie