Hi! I’m Katie!


Hi – I’m Katie!  Thanks for dropping by!  I’m a travel lover, yoga student, yoga teacher, outdoors enthusiast, hiker … a list that’s growing every day (for all of us, right?).

So – why did I decide to start this blog?

Let me rephrase – why start a blog about things that approximately 500,000+ other blogs are already about?

Because my stories have shaped me, and I love to share them.   No strings attached, no expectations.  Just sharing.  By sharing our stories we connect with new people, we appreciate the experiences we have had in life and we revisit how they have impacted us.  We can inspire each other to actively participate in the building of our lives by doing the things that call to us.  This doesn’t require grand and epic life shifts, but a willingness to open up, to embrace the vulnerability that comes with new experiences, and to greet everyday with curiosity.


IMG_9293You know those conversations that make you light up and give you that “no mechanics needed” smile that is SO enthusiastic your face starts to hurt after a while?  You go off on a passionate rant, and get so pumped that before you know it you are swinging your arms about wildly while you talk animatedly about the time you did {INSERT AWESOME THING HERE}.

This is how I feel when I talk about travel.

I’m among the thousands of people who love to travel so much that it’s almost a constant ache in the back of my mind.  My love for it is a part of me, and every time I go it’s harder to come back.

In my blog you can explore stories I’ve collected during my travels.  Places I’ve explored, people I’ve met, things I’ve experienced, and all the crap that can go wrong along the way (no matter how much you plan).  I’ll also share some details of hostels and hotels we’ve stayed at, tips we’ve learned while traveling various regions, and how we plan for travel.

Travel changes you.   Riding to the airport, I know I will be different when I come back.  I hope my stories spark some inspiration to explore this amazing Earth we live on (and give you a smile, too).


It grounds me, it gives me space, it serves me, it serves others, and we grow TOGETHER as much as we grow solo.  There is so much to community, and in yoga, our community is worldwide.  Explore my yoga pages to learn about upcoming classes and download my playlists.  Read about what I have learned from yogis across the world, in my own community, and from myself within the four corners of my mat.  No matter where I’ve rolled it out.

Ubud, Bali

Want to connect?  Me too!  Shoot me a message or come to a yoga class.  I’d love to meet you.